Helpful points

To ensure that your pet enjoys their stay with us, please make sure that their vaccination is kept up to date.

Please speak to your local Vet who will be happy to advise you on your pets needs.

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Imagine an acre of lush green grass, shady trees, Frisbee’s, balls and tug toys, sound good? Well to your dog this sounds like heaven on earth. Dogs with energy + get to take full advantage of this fully supervised playtime in a fully fenced acre without the restriction of collar & lead and do what they do best PLAY.

If your dog is one who likes things in his life to move a little slower a cuddle & brush from our playtime staff is sure to please.

Playtime aims to revitalise both the dog’s body & mind.

Fetch ‘n’ Frisbee-If you’ve got a dog that loves to fetch, one of our staff will keep them entertained with a Frisbee or ball to chase. Its great fun and great exercise, and that’s just for the staff.

TLC-For the dog who just loves to chill out and be pampered with a massage and hugs. Your pet will not only get the one on one attention it craves, but also time to indulge in a nice enjoyable brush from one of the staff.

Run ‘n’ Roll-For the highly energetic dog that loves a bit of action, the chance to get out and go crazy will do them wonders. Running and playing chase will ensure they get their dose of daily activity keeping them safe from boredom. Trust us they will thank you for it!!!

Partner up ‘n’ Party-If your dogs a bit of a socialite then why not let us find him/her a buddy to hang out with. Some dogs prefer the chance to interact with other dogs rather than people, so if this sounds like your dog let us find a friendly playmate to play with your pooch.

Deluxe Service

What better way for your best friend to spend a beautiful afternoon than strolling around the bushland surrounds of Wellington Park. The fresh country air coupled with the relaxed atmosphere excites the senses and calms any stress our guests may feel. Whether your dog loves a brisk jog or a leisurely stroll their personal handler is happy to oblige.

Our Nature Walk service provides your best friend with not only essential exercise but that one on one attention that they are used to at home. Here at Wellington Park we treat our guest as we would our own dogs therefore our care is second to none.

After their 30min Nature Walk the dogs are happier, healthier and ready for their afternoon siesta.